White Gold (Sylvester Roland Adventure Book 2) Mr Earl Slapowski



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244 pages


White Gold (Sylvester Roland Adventure Book 2)  by  Mr Earl Slapowski

White Gold (Sylvester Roland Adventure Book 2) by Mr Earl Slapowski
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 244 pages | ISBN: | 6.47 Mb

WHITE GOLDCIA agent, Sylvester Roland under his new identity, Peter Masaumeli, fights a powerful enemy. Along with the CIAs, Tony Bridges, and DEA agent John Mancienie, they fight the cocaine industry. They take on a West Coast Mafia Family, and the powerful Armando Bernardo Ruiz Lopez Gutierrez, Colombian drug cartel.The Cartel had the President of the tiny South American nation of Suriname assonated and they created a puppet government.Armando Bernardo Ruiz Lopez Gutierrez, set-up the largest cocaine distribution center in the world.

Working with the DEA, Sylvester Roland had to destroy Armando Gutierrez, and his grandiose plans to corner the cocaine world market.This book is a prequel to “Silvas Moves to Barton, and the second in the series of Sylvester Roland Adventure Novels. I hope you enjoy Sylvester Roland, and all of his adventures.

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