The Billionaires Honey Don Draco


Published: April 21st 2014



The Billionaires Honey  by  Don Draco

The Billionaires Honey by Don Draco
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Scarlett Fitzgerald got “A Taste of Honey” but now it is her husbands turn to indulge in some decadent debauchery with the shy, sexy new maid. Honey Thompson enjoyed fooling around with Scarlett, but when it comes to Mr. Fitzgerald, he takes what he wants. He leaves no doubt as to who is in charge without having to do anything but be his charming self.

Meyer Fitzgerald has those piercing eyes that send a tingle through Honeys body, but his wife is the one watching the seduction. The redheaded vixen enjoys the sights and sounds of her handsome billionaire husband and the sexy blonde maid in their amorous rendezvous. But she cant let her husband have ALL the fun. Who knows what other sensual pleasures await...3850 sensual words

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