The Scene - Sex Bundle 1 Abbey Kypner



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The Scene - Sex Bundle 1  by  Abbey Kypner

The Scene - Sex Bundle 1 by Abbey Kypner
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Sweat and silk. Sex and seduction. Scandal and Sweetness. Let it unfold, from kisses and caresses in the shadows, to the privacy of hotel rooms and the tawdry thrill of backalley grinds.You only see him in glimpses between the flashes of the clubs lights and the tumult of the people on the dance floor. Flickers of blue and green light up a sliver of his cocky smile, a glance of his inviting eyes. Between the folds of his unbuttoned silk shirt is a banner of bare flesh: finely toned pecs, a tight and rippled stomach.

A circular pendant bounces on his chest, and he fingers it coyly, dabbing the open loop teasingly as if suggesting something. Those eyes lock onto yours, and as the lights of the dance floor flash and the music reaches a new crescendo, the last you see of him is a hand beckoning in a come hither gesture as he slips into the shadows.Its obvious what this hot young stud does for his night job. His friends call him Jase. You can call him whatever you want, so long as youve got the cash.

All fours, kneeling, or on his back and gripping his thighs, he can do it all, and hell do it with a smile. Hes a pro, after all...Enjoy this little Ménage à trois, which combines the first three books of this series into one sweet and sexy bundle: First-Time Client, Room Serviced, and Power Play. Read all about Jases night life, peek into his dark and dirty past, and see what trouble he runs into when he gets a little too careless. Its all part of The Scene.

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